Walking For Grammie – Walk For Hope



As some of you may know I lost my Birthmother “Grammie” on March 31, 2011 to cancer.  To say that her death “rocked my world” is an understatement.  I still find myself expecting her to hear her voice on the phone on a daily basis.   Although our story is long,  our memories together are not.   Grammie is my birthmother and it took me over twenty years to find her.  We were fortunate enough to have four years together and although I consider myself lucky, I still feel cheated and robbed by cancer. 

In an effort to help myself heal and raise money for cancer research my daughters and I are participating in the Walk for Hope put on by The City of Hope. 

Here is some information about the Walk for Hope and The City of Hope:

What is Walk for Hope?
Walk for Hope Nationally Presented by Staples is a national series of eight fundraising walks and a national virtual walk that benefit the women’s cancer research, treatment and educational programs at City of Hope. Walk for Hope is not just a Walk, it is a movement. It is a movement to come together to end all women’s cancers once and for all. By coming together and using our resources to fundraise for this great cause, we can make the dream of one day living in a cancer-free world more of a reality. Not just a reality for all women, but for the spouses, brothers, sons, and friends that are all affected by these terrible cancers.

What is City of Hope?
City of Hope is one of only 40 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers nationwide and a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. An independent biomedical research, treatment and educational institution, City of Hope is a leader in the fight to conquer cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases.

On the park-like campus just northeast of Los Angeles, City of Hope researchers advance ideas into discoveries, physicians bring emerging therapies to patients, and students learn to transform the landscape of modern medicine – all supported by the generosity of philanthropists from across the country.

Every day City of Hope staff pursue new and better ways to improve the lives of men, women and children here and around the world – and have for almost 100 years.

Why am I posting this on my blog?   Well of course in my effort to raise money for this cause I have set a fundraising  goal and I am reaching out to everyone in an effort to not only meet my goal, but surpass it.  Please consider a donation of any amount.  Every penny ads up in the fight against cancer and all donations are tax-deductible.

Here is the link to my personal page: http://nationalevents.cityofhope.org/site/TR/Walk2011/WalkforHope?px=1626413&pg=personal&fr_id=1430&s_subsrc=bfgetwordout&s_src=boundlessfundraising

If we keep fighting someday we will win!


My First Nicho


I have been wanting to create a Nicho (shrine) for months now.  Of course as with everything new I create I did my research. I spent hours on the internet looking at nichos and trying to find what I needed to make mine.

I knew that I wanted my nicho to be centered around Our Lady of Guadalupe, but I could not find a small statue that I thought did her justice. The mini dashboard statues work great for nichos, but the only one I could find depicted her with a purple face and I just have an issue with that. Finally after months of looking I found the one I wanted to use. It was hard to find, there aren’t that many out there as it was made and sold in 2000. As luck would have it I found two and snatched both of them up.  

Here is my nicho:

The backing is black velvet that I reclaimed from an old skirt that I found hanging in the back of my closet. 

The back:

I typed out and printed the prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe and decoupaged it to the back of  the nicho.

This was a labor of love and devotion for me.  I look forward to making more.  Check out my shop in the future, some may even find their way there.

Making a CookBook for My Daughter


For the past two years or so my eldest daughter had been asking me to make her a cookbook of all my recipes so that she can cook them for her family and then hand them down to her children. 

Of course it takes a major occurrence for me to sit down long enough to even start this project. Well I just had surgery and that is my major occurrence. I don’t feel well enough to sew and I am tired of sitting here watching the news and court tv.

I decided that today would be the day that I would start this project.  Being the thrifty, tight-wad really, person that I am, I perused the internet for free recipe page downloads. I found quite a few recipe card downloads, but being that I want to create a cookbook they wont work for my project. I did find a few full-page templates, but again they just weren’t me.

I came upon this great tutorial http://www.ehow.com/how_5035217_create-recipe-template.html   Oh how I love a good tutorial.  In a short time I had a great recipe page template created and of course it’s adorned with aprons.

Paired with one of my apron creations this is going to be a wonderful Christmas gift for her.   A gift that she can use and enjoy for many years to come.

Considering that I’ve only typed out one recipe, I’m feeling pretty accomplished about right now. 

Tyranny and The Etsy Teams


Every Etsy team has it rules that need to be followed. Some team rules are basically “Just be respectful to one another.” Some are down right ridiculous and run as if they are a small country and the team captain is the dictator.

I recently had an occasion to deal with the latter. I created a treasury that I just loved.  As with all treasury curators I was hoping for the greatest of success, first page at the least.

I went to work full force on promoting. Posting like a woman on a mission. I posted on several teams that have a requirement that you visit a certain number of treasuries posted before you and comment on them. No problem. I did just that. Some were quite good and I even gave a click to the old favorite button to share them with members of my circle.

Well in my haste I forgot to do that with one of the teams. You would have thought I had committed a felonious act!  I received a message from the Gestapo, also known as the team captain, chastising me as if I were a 3-year-old child who’d just poured red paint on the newly laid white carpet. I was advised that my post had been removed and I was not to post on the team discussion board at all until I had corrected my error.  I half expected the Etsy Police to kick down my door and drag me out by the hair, kicking and screaming.

Needless to say this message angered me. If I had been an habitual rule breaker or had been warned previously I would have accepted this reprimand, but that was not the case. It was an honest mistake and yet I had been spoken to like a naughty child or an habitual offender.  I’m not a rebel or a rule breaker, I generally just go along with the flow and mind my own business,  so this didn’t sit well with me at all.

Of course I went back as soon as I read the message and complied with the rules, and then I went for a long walk so that I would not write an angry message to the team captain, I do have some self-control.  

While mulling it over in my mind I realized that for some of these team captains this is a little slice of power.  They make the rules and their “followers” have to abide by them or they are reprimanded and/or thrown out of the group.  Oh what power and so easy to obtain,  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create an Etsy team.  Anyone with half a brain and an etsy account can create a team,  make some rules and start their reign of power.

So yea if the Gestapo gets word of this post I am sure to be tossed right out of the team.  I’m shaking in my boots at the mere thought of it.

On a side note, my post was reinstated and not one of the team “followers” has commented on it!  Maybe she’s loosing her grip on them.  Could this be a sign of an impending coup?

Halloween Sewing in Progress


Of course I love Halloween, who doesn’t?  I began picking fabrics for Halloween aprons months ago!

Here are a few that are ready to go:


I also have quite a few other Halloween goodies and more aprons in the works! 

Oh and here’s a little treat for you:  Use coupon code BOO10  and receive 10% off anything Halloweenie in my shop!



Where has the Time Gone?


I have been a bad bad blogger!  Sometimes life just happens and things get pushed to the side.  My poor little blog was among the things pushed to the side.

In the past few months I have lost people in my life that I really expected to be there forever.  My mother passed away from cancer at the end of March and on July 3rd my father passed away as well.  We buried him on July 8th, my birthday. 

I gave up Facebook due to some unpleasantness that was taking place.  I was sad to lose my Facebook  friends and my fan page, but I felt that it was what I must do.

I have been putting all my extra time and energy into my shops.  Yes I said shops.  I have opened a new shop in addition to Mama’s Sewing Room.  Mama’s Sewing Basket carries supplies, patterns, fabric and other odds and ends.  Here is the link to Mama’s Sewing Basket http://www.etsy.com/shop/MamasSewingBasket

Mama’s Sewing Room has also gone through some changes.  I now carry Dia de los Muertos bobby pins, compact mirrors and altered art journals. 



If you have stuck with me through this rough spot I thank you and vow to post more often.  That is all for now.  I hope you look  forward to more posts in the near future.