Used to be a Vintage Pillow Case, Now a Darling Apron


I love scouring through antique stores.  Recently while on a mini-vacation I had the chance to shop, alone, in an antique store that I had been wanting to visit for about six years.

This particular antique store is made up of  four very old cabins each decorated and filled with antiques for sale.  In the main cabin I found an old armoire.  The drawers were filled with wonderful antique linens.  In one drawer I found a lonely looking vintage embroidered pillow case with no mate.  I saw past the dust, the torn trim and the stain on the back.  What I saw was the beautiful apron that would become of this vintage pillowcase.

I couldn’t wait to  start working on the apron and as soon as I arrived  home into the washer it went.  I was able to work around the torn trim and stain using the rest for the apron. 

As I cut and sewed I thought about the person who had hand embroidered the pillow case with such care.  Would she be happy that what she had put so much work into so long ago is now being brought back to life and no longer sitting in a dusty old armoire?  Something tells me she would. 


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