To BNR or Not to BNR




Joining a BNR on Etsy for the first time can be quite intimidating.  The first time I joined a BNR I was LOST!  Fortunately for me the curator, the person running the BNR, was very nice and guided me through the process.  Here’s a little info from me to help first time BNRers.


The first question is often “What the heck is a BNR?”  BNR is an acronym for Buy and Replace.  What that means is, you buy from a shop in a BNR treasury and your shop replaces the shop you purchased from in the treasury and so on.


Each BNR curator posts a list of rules that will show at the top of each page.  Most of the time there is a minimum purchase amount to buy in, usually around $3.00 to $4.00.  You need to make sure that what you are buying falls within the range of the minimum amount before shipping.   Always read the rules before buying in each and every BNR as the rules tend to vary depending on the curator and what type of BNR they are running.

Why join a BNR?

 I tried the Etsy forums and chats, but they just didn’t seem to be effective in promoting my shop or boosting my sales.  Since joining in the BNR’s my sales have gone up a great deal.  You may also be saying to yourself “Why should I spend money to get sales?”  My answer “Good advertising is rarely free.”  I tend to only buy items that I need or supplies for my store in the BNRs.  The advertising and promotion I get from the BNR’s is worth every penny I spend.


On the plus side not only have my sales increased, but so have my hearts and my views.  I have also met some very nice shop owners, made some fantastic business contacts, and joined a few teams on Etsy.    Consider it networking and getting your shop name out there.

So if “To BNR or Not to BNR” is the question……my answer is “go for it.”  At the very least you can meet some new people and do some shopping. 


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  1. I agree, somewhat. The key, however, is not to get so carried away with shopping that you forget that you initially set out to make money. As will all business decisions, the manner in which one advertises must be weighed against the potential return for the investment at regular intervals in order for the shopkeeper to find continued success.

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