It’s Amazing What One Little Idea and a Group of Tenacious Mamas Can Achieve Part I


I belong to an online playgroup, The Harvest Honeys, that originally formed over three years ago.  It started as a group for pregnant ladies that were expecting in October 08.  After our babies were born it was turned into a playgroup.  During these past three years we have lost members, changed forums and eventually ended up as a smaller, but stronger group on Face Book.  We have watched each others babies grow, supported each other, cried together and laughed together.  We have become a family.

In January a few of our group members joined together and decided to do the Walk for Babies on May 1st,  sponsored by The March of Dimes.  They are walking for baby Ella, a Harvest Honey baby that was born premature and has battled numerous obstacles throughout her two years.  They are also walking for baby Johnny.  Johnny was born October 8th and passed away shortly after.  Johnny and my son were born on the same day and I think of him often.

As families do, the Harvest Honey Mamas (as we call each other) came together to help sponsor the group of  Mamas that are walking.  Their goal for the walk was $1,000.00 and we wanted to help them raise it!    We came up with the idea of having an online auction, this was the one little idea.

Called to battle the Harvest Mamas rallied and came together.  Our sewing Mamas sewed, our knitting Mamas knitted, our jewelry making Mamas, well they made jewelry and so on and so forth, oh and our shopping Mamas bid like crazy.

Our auction ran from April 1st and ended on April 10th.  Not only have we met our goal, but it has been raised to $1,500.00 because we surpassed it along with some very generous donations.

I want to raise my hat to all the Harvest Honey Mamas, the shops that donated, the bidders and most of all the Mamas that are walking 6 miles on May 1st.  You are all truly amazing women.

I also want to give a shout out to the shop owners that joined our cause, donated their beautiful creations and their time out of the kindness of their hearts.

It seems I am running out of room here, I do tend to be long-winded.  Be sure to check out Part II of this post for a complete list of  the shops that donated and make sure to stop in and check them out.


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