My First Nicho


I have been wanting to create a Nicho (shrine) for months now.  Of course as with everything new I create I did my research. I spent hours on the internet looking at nichos and trying to find what I needed to make mine.

I knew that I wanted my nicho to be centered around Our Lady of Guadalupe, but I could not find a small statue that I thought did her justice. The mini dashboard statues work great for nichos, but the only one I could find depicted her with a purple face and I just have an issue with that. Finally after months of looking I found the one I wanted to use. It was hard to find, there aren’t that many out there as it was made and sold in 2000. As luck would have it I found two and snatched both of them up.  

Here is my nicho:

The backing is black velvet that I reclaimed from an old skirt that I found hanging in the back of my closet. 

The back:

I typed out and printed the prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe and decoupaged it to the back of  the nicho.

This was a labor of love and devotion for me.  I look forward to making more.  Check out my shop in the future, some may even find their way there.


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  1. Ive been parked @ your blog for a few days, so if you have a sitemeter counter, it’s just me that’s been here. I really love the stuff you’re making, its so creative! I’m gonna be here a bit longer, just so you know, I haven’t had the time to read all your posts thoroughly.

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