It’s Amazing What One Little Idea and a Group of Tenacious Mamas Can Achieve Part II




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It’s Amazing What One Little Idea and a Group of Tenacious Mamas Can Achieve Part I


I belong to an online playgroup, The Harvest Honeys, that originally formed over three years ago.  It started as a group for pregnant ladies that were expecting in October 08.  After our babies were born it was turned into a playgroup.  During these past three years we have lost members, changed forums and eventually ended up as a smaller, but stronger group on Face Book.  We have watched each others babies grow, supported each other, cried together and laughed together.  We have become a family.

In January a few of our group members joined together and decided to do the Walk for Babies on May 1st,  sponsored by The March of Dimes.  They are walking for baby Ella, a Harvest Honey baby that was born premature and has battled numerous obstacles throughout her two years.  They are also walking for baby Johnny.  Johnny was born October 8th and passed away shortly after.  Johnny and my son were born on the same day and I think of him often.

As families do, the Harvest Honey Mamas (as we call each other) came together to help sponsor the group of  Mamas that are walking.  Their goal for the walk was $1,000.00 and we wanted to help them raise it!    We came up with the idea of having an online auction, this was the one little idea.

Called to battle the Harvest Mamas rallied and came together.  Our sewing Mamas sewed, our knitting Mamas knitted, our jewelry making Mamas, well they made jewelry and so on and so forth, oh and our shopping Mamas bid like crazy.

Our auction ran from April 1st and ended on April 10th.  Not only have we met our goal, but it has been raised to $1,500.00 because we surpassed it along with some very generous donations.

I want to raise my hat to all the Harvest Honey Mamas, the shops that donated, the bidders and most of all the Mamas that are walking 6 miles on May 1st.  You are all truly amazing women.

I also want to give a shout out to the shop owners that joined our cause, donated their beautiful creations and their time out of the kindness of their hearts.

It seems I am running out of room here, I do tend to be long-winded.  Be sure to check out Part II of this post for a complete list of  the shops that donated and make sure to stop in and check them out.

Aprons, Aprons, Aprons………





I love creating aprons……….. 

glamorous retro aprons,

cute and frilly aprons,

 funky, kitschy aprons,

dark and scary aprons,

….I love them all. 

I have spent hours searching for the perfect fabrics and working and reworking patterns for my apron creations.   They are so versatile and so much fun to create and to wear. 

In the my quest to find new apron patterns I have found many websites with great free apron patterns.  Here are a few that you may find inspiring:


Of course if you don’t want to make your own you can always find an apron to fit your style from Mama’s Sewing Room or any one of the talented apron creators on Etsy.


Fabulous Friday Feature – Pearle’s Pretty Pieces


Today’s Fabulous Friday Feature – is Pearle’s Pretty Pieces

Taking a tour through Pearle’s Pretty Pieces leaves me in awe of her talent and creativity.  Each piece is painstakingly hand painted with thought, precision and care.  She puts just as much time and thought in selecting each piece as she does in creating a beautiful work of art out of it.

Since all her items are hand painted many of them can be personalized.  This lovely compact for instance would make a wonderful, unique and personal gift.

One of my favorite pieces is this beautiful gold,  blue and green hand painted square wooden bowl

Pearle’s Pretty Pieces can be found here  Take some time, browse through her shop and you will find ordinary items turned into objects of great beauty.

Ship to Canada?





While chatting with some other Etsy shop owners a few weeks ago the subject of shipping to Canada came up.  I was quite surprised to find out that a lot of shop owners only ship within the US.  The shop owners I was chatting with, being Canadian, were dismayed by this and did not understand why that would be as they ship to the US from Canada with great pleasure.

I can only surmise that it might be because one must fill out customs forms, go into the post office to purchase postage and unless you pay an exorbitant amount for shipping you are not able to track your shipment.

I have always shipped to Canada and appreciate the relationships that I have made with our neighbors to the north.   Customs forms don’t scare me one bit and I usually grab a few each time I go into the post office.  I fill them out at home and arrive at the post office ready to do business.

I do have a slight issue with not being able to track my shipments as I continuously stalk my packages until they arrive at their intended destination.  But that may be just a control issue on my part. 

Shipping charges are generally not much more than shipping within the US and I have often refunded my customers because I overcharged for shipping. 

The main drawback is the shipping time.  I have seen a package take a week and then I have seen them take a month or more.  I always make sure my Canadian buyers are aware of the extended delivery time and keep in touch with them while they await their package from my shop.

 I recently had the opportunity to ship to Australia.  I was nervous about that, again that control issue rearing its ugly head.   The package arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition.  I conquered my overseas shipping fears and hope that I have gained a repeat customer.

My point here?  If you are not currently shipping outside of the US for whatever your reason(s),  think about giving it a try.  Expand your customer base and make some business relationships with our neighbors to the north. 




Fabulous Friday Feature – EllOh Designs




Today’s fabulous Friday Feature is EllOh Designs.   Home of the cutest handcrafted plushies on Etsy.

Browsing through EllOh’s store always brings a smile to my face.  She takes upcyled or thrifted items and creates whimsical plushies that bring me back to the days of my childhood. 

Each plushie is unique and has a personality of its own. 

 From a pair of  Dreamy Gnomes

To a singing girl

Or even a grumpy chocolate mini monster

Stop by EllOh Designs  and be whisked back to your childhood when life was simple and magical.

Not Your Grandma’s Pincushion




I grew up using the traditional red tomato looking pin cushion.  Boring, but it did the job.   When my sewing became more serious and I found Etsy.   I came across some interesting and unique pincushions.  Some are cute and funny.  Some are so beautiful that I really would hate to stick a pin in them.  This is when I decided that I would become a pincushion collector. 

 Here are a few of my finds:






I hope you enjoyed my little pincushion expose and look forward to more great Etsy finds.